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Admittedly, it’s a frivolous problem. But I currently feel quite trapped in my nails. Some of it is no doubt due to my relative ignorance of the whole manicure world. Oh, and I suppose it didn’t help that there was a major language barrier during the process.

Here’s the problem. About once, maybe twice a year, I treat myself to a manicure/pedicure. I just can’t bring myself to do it more often. Other things win my priority list. But, after a long winter, it’s a lovely way to usher in spring and summer sandal weather.

Usually, it’s business as usual. You go in, pick a color, they clean up your nails, paint and let them dry and you’re out the door. A week to 10 days later I’m back on my own for nail care. While I’m in the salon though, it’s a pretty relaxing process, if you don’t count those few awkward moments my ticklish feet are set off.

However, since we moved recently, I went to a different establishment and the language barrier seemed particularly challenging. I finally thought I understood the young lady asking if I wanted a special coating to make the nail polish last longer. Who wouldn’t want that? Sure I said.

That simple “sure” was my first mistake.

Two weeks have gone by. The nails looked beautiful, but it seems a couple weeks is the limit for this special coating. The only problem is that I scrubbed and scrubbed with remover to no avail. It’s like I’ve got car paint on my nails. And it’s not budging.

So, of course, I turned to Google for help. And I was shocked. After going to the salon’s website to find out exactly what was on my nails, I learned that this special treatment, Axxium gel, is not removable by any normal method. Go figure. You’ve got to go back in to the salon to have it professionally removed. And the procedure doesn’t thrill me. That might have been a helpful little piece of information.

I also discovered why the bill seemed more than I had expected. Turns out I paid handsomely for this special coating that is now glued to my nails.

Perhaps some of you seasoned nail salon clients will have some tips I’m not aware of for removing this now dreadful looking shellac. Otherwise, it looks like I’m headed back to the salon. Or might it be wiser to check out what other salons are in the area?


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